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The aim of the association is to promote and develop the craft of Machine Knitting.
We promote machine knitting by holding workshops, Open Days, Free Days and supporting the machine knitting classes in local shows and the Royal Easter Show.
Machine knitters from all parts of NSW  and interstate are members of our association.
27th October 2015
Latest News
Margaret Ryan Workshop Series
Canberra, Newcastle and Epping.
Tuck lace, summer tops, trims and edges.

SeeWorkshops page for more information.




New for 2016.

We have swapped the Free Day and Open Day as in May we are able to book two rooms, this gives us more space to accommodate more machine knitting businesses.

Sunday 22nd May 2016 is the Open Day and businesses will be invited.

Saturday 13th August 2016 is the Free Day to Buy, Sell, Swap and Donate Machine Knitting related equipment, books, magazines, yarn and so on. NSW Machine Knitters Annual Competition.




Sydney Royal Easter Show

Arts and Craft Entries are now open.

Mail entries close Wed 18th Nov 5pm.

On line entries close Friday 29th January 2016.

Entry fee is $13 per item an extra $10 per exhibitor is charged for offline entries which close earlier so it is wiser to do it online.

Classes 134 to 138 are listed on page 14 of the schedule, see

Eleanor is prepared to assist any member who needs help with delivery and collection. Delivery is the first weekend in March.









Part of the Macknit display at Newcastle Stitches and Craft Show 2015.
Most of the garments on the top two rows were knitted using the Macknit Garment Challenge Pattern found on the
Events page.