Our Mission

The aim of the association is to promote and encourage the craft of machine knitting.

Our Vision

To bring together persons who practise, or wish to practise machine knitting and associated techniques.

Our Values

Integrity – operating ethically and responsibly with everyone we come across

Respect – for all knitters and non-knitters from all walks of life

Generosity – giving of our time, knowledge, and knitting

Friendship – forging bonds through the joy of machine knitting

Collaboration – working together

The objectives of Macknit NSW are:

  • To educate persons to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills in machine knitting.
  • To engage with the community on the art of machine knitting.
  • To promote machine knitting within NSW.
  • To give to others through machine knitting for charity.

Macknit achieves these objectives by:

  • Providing demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions, and teaching.
  • Providing resource materials, disseminating information, and publishing a quarterly Newsletter.
  • Participating in community shows, events, including prizes and assisting with machine knitting judging.
  • Facilitating sales, repairs and maintenance of knitting machines, parts and yarns.
  • Supporting knitting machine groups within NSW, Australia.


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