Throughout the year the association supports various workshops, shows, competitions and other events.  Sometimes it’s with prize money, judging, demonstrations, information sessions and more.  Keep reading to find out what’s happening this year.



Within NSW there are various wonderful shows that include competition sections specifically for machine knitting.  If you’re interested in seeing some beautiful creations that are knitted by machine, or would like to enter, please have a look at the list below.   SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW   BLACKTOWN SHOW SOCIETY INCORPORATED Email: website:… Continue reading Shows/Competitions

Annual NSW Competition

The NSW Machine Knitters’ Annual Competition is held in conjunction with the Buy Sell Swap Day, see Events Page for details. The theme is: Anything Machine Knitted. One entry per person, must be a member of Macknit. Winners are chosen by popular vote on the day.

Annual Garment Challenge

Every year our challenge is to see how many different variations our members come up with from the one pattern, so let your creativity run free! There is just one rule: Use the pattern as printed, use the stitches and rows given. The pattern has been designed so all can join in, including new knitters.… Continue reading Annual Garment Challenge